What is going through your mind at this moment? Do you feel that you have limiting beliefs of money on it?

What you think and when you talk decretas is essential for MONEY, money comes to you or away … We must use appropriate language, because often the evil decree, we are creating the opposite effect of what we want.

Watch out what you say, because it can come true!

If you are constantly saying, ‘I need money! You are literally saying that you lack, then this phrase should be changed to one with more power as:

“I have plenty of money to meet my needs”

If you express: I have a lot of debt! You are also affirming a situation, which is actually pasajera- and simply could better shut up and say something like:

“Today I declare that I am pleased with creditors or people who owe them money, I have patience and wait with peace and calm my payments”

When you express, believe, feel, listen thanking you for paying even a few days later!

And by the way it is very good to give face to creditors and propose a formula for payment, seeking solutions to your situation. Doing so will give you peace when you go to sleep, I assure you …


Limiting Beliefs Money

Wealth is created by the human mind, but also poverty. That means that your thoughts are the factor that create prosperity or lack. So the key is to command your mind to take in that direction. If you work eight hours a day to get what you want not what you think work an hour a day on your personal project, to get the result you want?

If you’re here now because time of prosperity has come for you because you’re already lining up with the consciousness of abundance and leaving your limiting money beliefs.

The purpose of life is not so much knowledge, but to apply what you learn. Try these decrees which you feel comfortable. You can create some of your very personal. Be specific. Avoid words NO NEED, I lack, etc.

  1. Today I declare that I will my higher levels of prosperity with God in my life.
  2. Today I win, I will live in triumph and success.
  3. Today Protects me a sacred mantle of love. Everything you do will prosper and be successful.
  4. The more I believe and trust in God, I have more abundance. While I believe and trust his word, I see the blessings manifest in my life daily.
  5. Each payment is returned I get multiplied.
  6. “I feel the joy of true prosperity, because I am blessed with everything they need for a healthy, happy and abundant life”
  7. “For prosperity, abundance affirm. For guidance, I recognize the brightness and clarity of the light of God “.

What is the meaning of life if you’re not the person you want to be?

What I share with you is something you should implement and verify, so you can take advantage of, to rescue your potential for prosperity in their maximum potential, something that is there inside you, only you must learn how to put it into action. .. to finally let go of your limiting beliefs you money.

When you finish this series of articles you will know a little more about how to use your resources in abundance. Share them with people that this knowledge is missing because helping others to get rich, you will provide unlimited wealth.

You must focus on what you want, rather than what NOT want or what you lack … it’s that simple.

From now on, watch yourself well what are your thoughts and expressions when you talk about money. If possible write them well and analyzes those messages, because your word is a holy inscription on the stone of your destiny.

Please, I understand it and apply it!

And also it includes once and for all, that Money Money Money is only one aspect of prosperity. You remember the old song:

“There are three things in life, health, money and love and have all three, give thanks to God”

Prosperity means having money, or things that money can buy-because we are in a flat material and paper money, or plastic, is indispensable as exchange agent. And that should be taken and avoid obsessing, because that also takes him away …

However, the actual prosperity is to have satisfied our basic needs, family, friends and time to share with them; good health, emotional intelligence to know commandeer our life and everything that can make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Because at this point I wanted to get, prosperity is a decision you must make, to make the Universe, which already belongs by right; but you must be prepared to know how to manage these assets, to preserve a lasting way. decrees:

“I have management capabilities for the money and what we do not know, I learn”.

If, to manage your wealth, you must learn how to manage scarcity. If you are in shortage, this may be due to your lack mental maps.

Now money is not physical money, it became something virtual too. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says:

“In clear and concise terms, it can be said that the money is destined to become digital”

In many countries the money is no longer playing. We only use credit or debit cards. Today wallets are full of cards and a few notes, so that old phrase used by our parents should no longer be a limiting factor for your mind: “Money is dirty”

On the other hand, there are many people who have a high capacity to generate, but they suffer from a mental support to keep it.

What is this about?

What is the reason why many which not even have a profession have a superb ability to make money. And there are others who do not stick a business, not hold them work, and are always in debt.

The answer is: the belief , that we take for real, because it is built into our mental maps, and that most of the time, is not true.

If that is what is happening to you, it’s time to stop and analyze it. It is never late to give access to changes in our lives, to improve it, capitalize on mistakes and turn them into strengths. At this time, it is being implemented to negotiate a novel trends, never seen before and even age is a limiting belief–another.


What are the beliefs that limit us to be financially successful?

  • Money is dirty …
  • Money is the root of all evil …
  • Money and spirituality are incompatible …
    Faster enters a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to the kingdom of heaven …
  • Poor, but honest …

What are your limiting beliefs? … Do you have limiting beliefs of money? …

Now, close your eyes and responds first thing that comes to your mind when you get this question:

What is your greatest fear toward money?

Waiting for the next installment to learn to do with your fears … Stay connected with us. And we solve this more soon.